My First Feature in The Buyer: The Treasure Trove that is Bardolino and Chiaretto

My First Feature in The Buyer:

“The Treasure Trove that is Bardolino and Chiaretto”

by L.M. Archer


Lake Garda, Northern Italy - home to Chiaretto and Bardolino.


   With US tariffs on wine from France, Spain and Germany making them 25% more expensive overnight, the opportunity is there for Italian wine producers to fill the void, argues L.M.Archer. In particular, it is the wines from the lesser known wine regions of Northern Italy – Bardolino and Chiaretto – that she feels holds the most exciting possibilities.

On the East side of Lake Garda, these two regions boast a range of unique grapes such as Corvina, Corvinone, and Molinari and the freshness and bright acidity of the wines allows them to compete favourably both with Bourgogne rouge and Provencal rosé. The first feature for The Buyer from this US-based correspondent.









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