My Latest in The Gorge Magazine: Sparkling Wines

My latest in The Gorge Magazine:

Sparkling Wine:

Gorge Wines offer an enticing  array of bubbly selections.

by L.M. Archer

The Gorge Magazine Winter issue includes L.M. Archer's coverage of Columbia Gorge sparkling wine.

While the Columbia Gorge doesn’t name its winds, as do some Old World wine regions, winds nonetheless define the wine region. Here, breezes careen, cascade, and collide in kinetic intensity, banshees of brute force unwilling to sit quietly and mind manners across the area’s craggy landscape. So, too, the region’s unruly array of wines.

Turns out this cantankerous, cool climate proves perfect for crafting compelling sparkling wines. Here’s a recap of six top Columbia Gorge boutique bubble makers worth toasting this holiday season: Link here to read the entire article on pages 32-36 of The Gorge Magazine Winter Issue.

Happy Holidays!

(Have a favorite sparkler you’d care to share? Feel free to leave a comment below!)


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