My Latest in Circle of Wine Writers: How the Wine World is Coping with Coronavirus

Circle of Wine Writers

My Latest in Circle of Wine Writers

“How the Wine World is Coping with Coronavirus”


Circle of Wine Writers


“Members of the Circle of Wine Writers take a look at their regions, or regions to which they have recently travelled, to share some insight into how the wine world is coping with Coronavirus and the impact of lockdown and social distancing on their businesses.”

LM Archer was recently in Burgundy as the outbreak took a grip over Europe, and she shares some thoughts and perspectives of producers there grappling with the rapidly-evolving situation.

By L.M. Archer:

Throughout Bourgogne, growers and négociants are attempting to navigate fast-moving French COVID-19 confinement measures. “I have asked everyone to use their personal vehicle to get around,” says Nicolas Rossignol of Domaine Rossignol-Trapet in Gevrey-Chambertin. “In the vines, it is one to a plot, or else we leave two or three rows between us (two to three meters) if we have to work in the same place. In addition to tying up and fixing trellising, we are also starting to plow. I have two tractors, so each driver has their own.”

Strategies evolve daily, from Chablis to Mâcon. “As soon as we received government recommendations, we implemented specific hygiene measures. Hand washing, hydroalcoholic gel and paper hand towels. Separate toilets,” says Dominique Gruhier and Axelle Roy of Domaine Dominique Gruhier in Epineuil. “In the cellar, there is still the typical work of ageing and monitoring the wines, and preparing for bottling. We are very busy doing our normal routine in the vineyards, and on top of that, some severe periods of frost have come along, which create additional work and stress.”  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.


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