Junk it Up: SIP Food + Wine Pairings

Oregon Wine Press Writers share their favorite junk food and wine pairings.

My latest in Oregon Wine Press:

Junk It Up

Shelter-in-place with American classics and wine

Oregon Wine Press Writers share their favorite junk food and wine pairings.

Oregon Wine Press regular contributors offer their favorite guilty pairing pleasures.


What happens in COVID19 lockdown, stays in COVID19 lockdown…unless you’re a wine writer, and your editor asks you to share your favorite junk food and wine pairings with readers…

Here, Oregon Wine Press regular contributors (myself included) offer our favorite guilty ‘gourmet’ pairing pleasures. Do try these at home!


Potato Chips + Sparkling

Fat, salt and crunch meet acidic, prickly bubbles. Pairing Champagne (or Oregon sparkling) with plain potato chips is as much about texture as it is flavor. Sure, you can pair your bubbles with nibbles of caviar from tiny forks or you can eat chips straight from the ripped-open “family size” bag, licking your fingers unapologetically. —Jade Helm

Trader Joe’s Inner Peas + Sparkling

I know it’s an illusion: Trader Joe’s Inner Peas touted as a ‘healthy’ food made from ‘real’ peas — they probably aren’t. But the crunchy, savory snack pairs perfectly with the crisp acidity of artisan sparklers from Oregon. And I feel so virtuous contemplating ‘inner peace’ with my Inner Peas, one bubble at a time. —L.M. Archer

Funyuns + Orange Wine

After a particularly long day during harvest at Vista Hills, we were racking some skin-fermented Pinot Gris and started snacking on Funyuns — about the only junk food available at the bodega at 1 a.m. We pulled a sample and enjoyed the brininess of the young wine with god knows whatever is in Funyuns. Alas, a magical pairing was born. Funky, sweet and savory somehow all mesh together. —Mark Stock

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