My Latest in Taste of France: How to Enjoy Burgundy Wine

StevieBobès, Bourgogne Wine Ambassadeur.

My Latest in Taste of France:

How to Enjoy Burgundy Wine

An Interview with Bourgogne Wine Ambassadeur Stevie Bobès

by L.M. Archer

StevieBobès, Bourgogne Wine Ambassadeur.
Stevie Bobès, Burgundy Wine Ambassadeur. Photo Credit: Jérémie Durand.

LM Archer meets wine ambassador Stevie Bobès who specialises in introducing visitors to the wines of Burgundy

As France eases into déconfinement, lockdown-weary gourmands eagerly await a return to food and wine rambles nationwide. Stevie Bobès of Wine Ambassadeur, a bespoke Burgundian gastronomic tour company, is here to help.

First of all, what’s a ‘Wine Ambassadeur’?
My role as Wine Ambassadeur in the Burgundy region is to guide my clients in an immersive experience that allows them to discover the Burgundy not seen by the casual tourist. My guests enjoy regional culinary delights and some of the best wines available.

We take care of everything for our clients, including accommodations, fine dining and travel recommendations. These are customized, deluxe, multi-day experiences in the heart of Burgundy’s wine country. People love to stay in comfortable places, see beautiful things and taste exceptional wines. We deliver all of that.

Why Bourgogne? How did you end up living there?
Burgundy, or Bourgogne, as the French say, is an idyllic place of rolling hills and vineyards that offer some of the best wine growing conditions on the planet. There is an extensive viticulture history that dates back to Roman times. My career in hospitality, travel, and client care led me to this wonderful place.

I originally moved from the US because my wife is French, and she was instrumental in helping me appreciate the French “art de vivre”. Bourgogne is a perfect fit for a relaxed lifestyle, focused on wine, food and culture—I’ve truly found my home here. READ ENTIRE INTERVIEW HERE.


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