Fame, Fortune and Fine Wine: The Life of Jerry Hall

Fame, Fortune and Fine Wine: The Life of Jerry Hall

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Fame, Fortune and Fine Wine: The Life of Jerry Hall

Get to know the model-turned-winemaking student through these 5 iconic bottles

Fame, Fortune and Fine Wine: The Life of Jerry Hall

I’m not going to lie. This article was just fun to write. I’ve included an excerpt below for your reading pleasure…enjoy!

by L.M. Archer

A tall, blond woman in jeans and a broad hat leans on a vineyard post, surveying the scene beneath her. Nearby Santa Monica Bay glistens on the horizon as a sea breeze travels up the steep hillside. Jerry Hall lives a life most people only dream about.

Two-stepping out of Texas at age 17 to model in Paris, the six-foot stunner once shared an apartment with Grace Jones and Jessica Lange, served as the muse for former fiancé Bryan Ferry’s Roxy Music album “Siren,” and jet-setted through a 20-year-plus relationship with Rolling Stone’s frontman Mick Jagger, with whom she has four children.

Along the way, she found time for acting, including a role in the 1989 “Batman.” After several years of solo summering along the French Riviera with her children, Hall married media mogul Rupert Murdoch, owner of Moraga Bel Air Vineyard Estate in Los Angeles, in 2015.

Moraga Bel Air, a Bordeaux-style estate developed by former Northrop Corporation CEO Tom Jones in the 1980s, overlooks the Getty Museum and Santa Monica Bay; Murdoch bought the vineyard in 2013.

“Rupert promised Tom Jones that he would preserve and conserve the beautiful vineyard,” says Hall. “It’s a bit of old California with all the live oak trees. We have two owls living here and caught a mountain lion on our security cameras. We both love living on working agricultural land.”

In addition to helping run the 13,000-bottle estate, Hall also attends the University of California, Davis online certificate in winemaking program… READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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