A Guide to All Things Burgundy

Pix.wine Guide to All Things Burgundy

Hey! I’m featured in the latest  Pix.wine

A Guide to All Things Burgundy

Pix.wine Guide to All Things Burgundy


Hurray for summer!

Did you know that I’m featured in Pix.wine’s summer guide to all things Burgundy?

You can link to my featured article on Burgundy’s “exuberant prices” below:

“Home to some of the world’s most fetishized growing sites, Burgundy is undeniably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, destination for finding bottles to lay down and age. However, with great prestige comes exuberant prices — that is, unless you know where to look.” – Pix.wine

Read the full  story here.


Here’s a snippet from my featured article “Don’t Wait to Buy Burgundy Wines”:

The price of wines from the French region is set to rise even further

“The cost of Burgundy wines is ballooning. As to why, there is a confluence of events, from global supply chain blockages to a worldwide pandemic, and climate-change-induced weather disruptions that produced severe frost damage.

The annual Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction, a key market indicator, seemed to prove the point. This year’s auction, presented by Sotheby’s in late November at Halles de Beaune, offered the lowest number of barrels in 40 years — but still managed to break sales records.” Read my full article on the rising price of Burgundy wines here.


Curious to learn more about Burgundy, or “Bourgogne,” as the locals call it?

Link to more articles by L.M. Archer about Bourgogne in Pix.wine and other publications here.

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