GG Craft Interviews: Amy L. Bernstein

GG Craft Interview with Amy L. Bernstein, author of The Potrero Project

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GG Craft Interview | Amy L. Bernstein – The Potrero Project

 by L.M. Archer

GG Craft Interview with Amy L. Bernstein, author of The Potrero Project

It’s a new year, and time for a new Gotham Ghostwriters author interview!

Welcome to my monthly interview series for Gotham Ghostwriters, “GG Craft Interviews.”

Each month, I interview a member of the Gotham Ghostwriters’ community about their latest book. I also delve into their inspiration – and creative process – along the way.

This month, I interview certified nonfiction book coach Amy L. Bernstein about her post-pandemic murder mystery, The Potrero Project. 

According to Bernstein, “The Potrero Complex is a dark, dystopian mystery-thriller that one critic calls “a scarily prescient novel that deftly explores the fraught connections between individuality, society, public policy, and technology.”

Here’s a sneak peak:

You have a new book, The Potrero Complex. When was the book published, and what was the impetus for writing it?

“The Potrero Complex was published in August 2022. I took my cues for the story from the earliest days of the Covid pandemic. I suspected we’d be living through an historic time, and I wanted to imagine how society might change after a fictional deadly pandemic had ended. Pandemic-weary readers should know the story is not focused on living through a pandemic, but rather, an imagined aftermath.”

What were the biggest challenges you encountered while writing it?

“The Potrero Complex is the first mystery novel I’d attempted. One of the toughest challenges was plotting out a mystery that would keep readers guessing, while also ensuring that all the loose ends were tied up in a way that made sense.” READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE.

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