Writer L.M. Archer shares 5 Italian white wines perfect for winter.

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5 Italian White Wines Perfect for the Winter

by L.M. Archer

Writer L.M. Archer shares 5 Italian white wines perfect for winter.

With spring on the horizon, here’s a few Italian white wines perfect for pairing with the last gasp of winter.

“Instead of reaching for red wine this winter, why not try an Italian white? Fun, versatile, and approachable, Italian white wines brighten even the gloomiest winter day. Plus, they pair well with everything – from holiday celebrations and Sunday brunches, to cozy aprés-ski fondue and evening firesides. Not sure where to start? Consider these five Italian white wine styles to share with your friends and family this winter:…”READ MORE HERE.

Author’s Note:

I penned this piece for La Dolce Vigna, a site devoted to wine travel in Italy.

La Dolce Vigna” means “the sweet vineyard.” Founder, director and certified sommelier Leslie Rosa spent a decade in fine arts before falling in love with Italian fine wine. Now she shares that passion with others via La Dolce Vigna, offering wine-centric tours to Italy, Argentina, and California. Here’s her explanation: 

“La Dolce Vigna believes that by using wine as a lens, we can truly get to know a particular place. Wine, after all, is an expression of nature, people, history, and tradition coming together. When we visit its source, we are inevitably introduced to the land and people who made the wine, the local cuisine that accompanies it, and the cultural practices woven into its very being. Furthermore, by drinking wine, we naturally slow down our pace, listen to our senses and experience our surroundings in a more profound way. Cheers to that!”

Brava, Leslie for creating such a warm, stylish and inviting platform. Cheers, indeed.

It’s my honor to share these fabulous Italian white wines with you on La Dolce Vigna.

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