‘Goldilocks’ 2018 vintage shines at all new Willamette Pinot Noir auction


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‘Goldilocks’ 2018 vintage shines at all new Willamette Pinot Noir auction

by L.M. Archer


The 5th annual Willamette Pinot Noir auction 2020 goes live from today (August 11-13) focussing on the ‘Goldilocks’ 2018 vintage. Like most world events it is being held online, although the other major change this year has come about because of the social unrest in Oregon following the death of George Floyd. For this reason the Willamette Valley Wineries Association is working with the James Beard Foundation to benefit Black and Indigenous Peoples of North America. L.M. Archer reports on the changes this year, a virtual seminar moderated by David Adelsheim on August 6 and previews some of the exciting lots that are up for grabs in the trade auction.

“There’s a more acidic drive to 2018 that I don’t think 2012 retained. 2018 is showing really nicely right now, but I do see it ageing really nicely, too – because of that acid retention,” says Katie Santora of Stoller Winery.

The fifth annual Willamette: the Pinot Noir Auction goes virtual in 2020. This exclusive trade auction by Willamette Valley Wineries Association(WVWA) entertains bids online August 11-13. Showcasing the 2018 vintage, it features 93 exclusive lots from 88 participating wineries. In addition, the auction adds charitable partner James Beard FoundationFood and Beverage Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous Americans, part of the Open for Good Campaign.

“We felt that in this year’s auction, it made some sense to recognise the unique world that COVID has imposed on all of us,” says Auction Steering Committee past chair and current member David Adelsheim of Adelsheim. “It’s a great opportunity for this auction to be not only funding the amazing work that the Willamette Valley Wineries Association has done in the past, but also, as bids go beyond the opening bids, for that money, in fact, to go to the James Beard Foundation Black and Indigenous Peoples of North America special fund.” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.


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