The Hedonistic Taster: Italian Wines: Barolo and Other Wines of Piedmont

Rizieri Barolo DOCG is produced on clay and calcareous sols rich in magnesium oxide and manganese, which imparts elegance and complexity.

The Hedonistic Taster

 Italian Wine: Barolo and Other Wines of Piedmont

by L.M. Archer | FWS, Bourgogne + Champagne ML

LM Archer TastevinThese Piedmont wines all share a common commitment to terroir. Sourced from exclusive, family-owned wineries, the thin-skinned, prima donna Nebbiolo grape used in many of these wines reminds me of my touchstone, Pinot Noir from Bourgogne.

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Wine:   Rizieri Barolo DOCG

Vintage:  2015

Alcohol:  14.5 %

Link to Producer Specs here. 

Suggested Retail: $ 50

Robe:  Pellucid ruby robe.

Nose: Sous bois, worn leather, herbaceous, red cherry nose. 

Palate:  A lithe, supple, light bodied wine with refined tannins and an elegant finish. Delicate.


Wine:   Rizieri Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC 

Vintage:  2017

Alcohol:  14.5%

Link to Producer Specs here. 

Suggested Retail: $  27

Robe:  Brilliant ruby robe.

Nose: Sharp, red berry (currant, tart cherry) aromas.

Palate:  Red cherry attack, floral mid-palate, ethereal finish. Light body, exceptional balance, seamless structure. Haunting.

Rizieri Barbera DOC is produced in Tuscany.


Wine:   Rizieri Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC

Vintage:  2016

Alcohol:  14.5%

Link to Producer Specs here. 

Suggested Retail: $  30

Robe:  Dark plum robe.

Nose: Dark sour cherry, plum, pomegranate, black tea, dark mineral, rosemary aromas.

Palate:  Light-to-medium body, solid structure. Sour cherry, herbal, and black tea attack yields to dark plum mid-palate, with a brooding, blue and black fruit finish. Complex. Take some time with this wine.

More about Rizieri here.


Dogliotti 1879 Moscato d'Asti is a light, frizzante white wine low in alcohol made in the Piedmont area of Italy.


Wine:   Dogliotti 1870 Moscato d’Asti DOCG

Vintage:  2019

Alcohol:  5.5 %

Link to Producer Specs here. 

Suggested Retail: $  19

Robe:  Clear gold robe.

Nose: Appealing apricot, orange blossom, lychee aromas.

Palate:  Lovely, lilting citron and lemon curd attack, stone fruit mid-palate, with a ginger, nutmeg and white nectarine finish. This wine surprises with its shapeshifting versatility. Frizzante!

Dogliotti 1870 Barbera DOCG is made in one of the most famous wine regions of Piedmont, near the town of Asti.


Wine:   Dogliotti 1879 Barbera d’Asti DOCG

Vintage:  2018

Alcohol:  14.5%

Link to Producer Specs here. 

Suggested Retail: $  15

Robe:  Clear ruby robe.

Nose: Fragrant rose petal, violets, potpourri, and dark berry aromas.

Palate: Light body, deft balance, superb structure. Blueberry, raspberry, black tea on the attack and mid-palate ends with a soft, balsamic finish. 

Dogliotti 1870 Barolo is a grand red wine produced entirely of Nebbiolo grapes in a hills near Alba in Piedmont.


Wine:  Dogliotti 1879 Barolo DOCG

Vintage:  2015

Alcohol:  14.5%

Link to Producer Specs here. 

Suggested Retail: $  40

Robe: Dark ruby robe.

Nose: Heady rush of mushroom, potpourri, (violets, lavender, sage), sous bois, black tea, bright cherry aromas.

Palate:  Light body. Bright acids on the attack soften to truffle notes mid-palate, ending with a floral finish.

More about Dogliotti 1870 here.


Bric Ceciurio 'Sito dei Fossili' Roero Arneis DOCG is named for the fossils found in the vineyard where it's grown, located in the commune of Castellinado.


Wine:   Bric Cenciurio Roero Arneis DOCG – ‘Sito dei Fossili’

Vintage:  2019

Alcohol:  13.5%

Link to Producer Specs here

Suggested Retail: $  24

Robe:  Pale gold robe.

Nose: Exotic stone and orchard fruit ((pear, quince) and spice (ginger) aromas, with a hint of almond.

Palate:  Light body, solid structure. Tart orange and citrus on the attack shift to mineral notes mid-palate,  gently fading to an aromatic, ginger finish. 

Bric Cenciurio 'Naunda' Barbera is named for the undulating hills on which its grown in Langhe.


Wine:   Bric Cenciurio Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC – ‘Naunda’

Vintage:  2017

Alcohol:  15%

Link to Producer Specs here. 

Suggested Retail: $  24

Robe: Dark garnet robe and ruby-purple rim.

Nose: Savory, umami and dark potpourri aromas.

Palate:  Light-to-medium body, with heft, balance, and a lingering finish. This wine opens and closes with notes of blackberry, English Breakfast tea, and dark plum. A ‘stormy night in front of the fireplace’ wine.


Bric Cenciurio "Coste di Rose' Barolo is made from 3 different nebbiollo varieties.


Wine:   Bric Cenciurio Barolo DOCG – ‘Coste di Rose’

Vintage:  2015

Alcohol:  14.5%

Link to Producer Specs here. 

Suggested Retail: $  60

Robe: Clear, bright ruby robe.

Nose:  An umami bomb of dense leather, game, white pepper, savory black olive, dried rose petal, and mushroom aromas.

Palate:  Light body. Astringent red cherry and white pepper attack mellows to dried rose petal and floral notes mid palate, ending with a lingering, tannic cherry finish. A ‘Grand Cru-style ‘Barolo that leaves you wanting more. Truly remarkable.

More about Bric Cenciurio here.

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