Oregon Wine History Archive Interview | L.M. Archer

Linfield University's Oregon Wine History Archive interviews writer L.M. Archer.

My Interview with Oregon Wine History Archive

Linfield University


I’m thrilled to share my recent interview with Rich Schmidt, Director of Linfield University’s Oregon Wine History Archive program.


For those unfamiliar with the program, the Oregon Wine History Archive collects, preserves, shares and continues the Oregon wine industry narrative online. This includes winemakers, vineyard owners, educators, scientists, innovators, marketers and media instrumental in advancing Oregon wine worldwide.

I’ve covered Oregon wine since the beginning of my career, so deeply honored to participate.

I also credit Oregon Pinot Noir for my first ‘ah-ha moment,’ when I discovered wine an art, not just a beverage.


Here’s a quick recap of some of the questions Rich asks in the interview, including:

  • Why I write about wine?
  • My first introduction to wine? (Oregon wine cameo….)
  • How I got into wine writing?
  • My earliest wine writing breaks? (Again, stories about Oregon….)
  • My biggest mistakes when first entering the wine industry – and what I learned from those mistakes? (Hint: Blogging…tasting rooms….)
  • My favorite wine regions? (Did I mention Oregon…?)
  • Why I love to write about Oregon sparkling wine?
  • How COVID-19 has impacted my wine writing career?
  • The future of Oregon wine?
  • And, finally…What advice I’d give to anyone wanting to write about wine?

Hopefully, you find the interview helpful in better understanding the Oregon wine region, and why – as a wine writer – I find it endlessly compelling.



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