Red Thread™: 2019 Central Coast California Chardonnay

Red Thread™

L.M. Archer writes about wine, the 'red thread' that binds us all.

2019 Central Coast California Chardonnay

by L.M. Archer, FWS, Bourgogne + Champagne ML

A new year, a new look. Welcome to Red Thread™, a place for sharing stories about wine, the ‘red thread’ that binds us all.

Formerly titled The Hedonistic Taster , the Red Thread™  provides a forum to share my impressions of wine samples that I receive for editorial consideration.

It’s also a way to codify my work on Instagram. Over the past ten years, my voice has evolved to include visual storytelling through photography. (You can find links to my award-winning images here.) I find that Instagram supports my visual storytelling better than any other social media platform.

However, like any social media platform, content can disappear overnight.

Hence my desire to capture it on my own site.

Here’s my recent take on two 2019 Central Coast California Chardonnays, one from Alisa Jacobson of  Turning Tide Wines in Santa Barbara County, and the other from Cory Waller of  Eden Rift Vineyards, in Cienega Valley.

Two talented winemakers go toe-to-toe, with tasty results. Hard to argue with brilliance, indeed.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the wines, the words, and the new site – feel free to leave your comments below. And best wishes in the new year!


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