Red Thread™: Languedoc and Everyday Italian Wines

Red Thread™

L.M. Archer writes about wine, the 'red thread' that binds us all.

 Languedoc and Everyday Italian Wines

by L.M. Archer, FWS, Bourgogne + Champagne ML

Taking a sentimental journey through the Languedoc and everyday Italian wines…

Welcome to Red Thread™, a place for sharing stories about wine, the ‘red thread’ that binds us all.

Formerly titled The Hedonistic Taster , the Red Thread™  provides a forum to share my impressions of wine samples that I receive for editorial consideration.

It’s also a way to codify my work on Instagram. As a visual person, I find that Instagram supports my visual storytelling better than any other social media platform.

However, like any social media platform, content can disappear overnight.

Hence my desire to capture it on my own site.

Right now, I’m playing catch up on samples tasted over the new year, including a trio of Domaines Paul Mas from the Languedoc region of Sud de France, and six everyday wines from Italy.

Interestingly, all the wines share some commonalities: freshness, affordability, and casual charm, evocative of their respective terroirs.

For me, each wine serves as a sort of genie in a bottle, conjuring up memories of visits past to the Mediterranean – lots of tangled herbs, earthiness, and sensual red, black and blue fruit aromas.

I’d be curious to know if you have any favorites among these wines, and if so, the reason behind it? So much of wine tasting ties into personal experience…and if you’d like more information on the producers, please feel free to leave a comment below, too.



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