Red Thread™ : Oregon Wine Month | Part 2

Legendary Oregon vinetender Dai Crisp and wife Dai Crisp own Wren Vineyard in southern Willamette Valley.

Red Thread™

Oregon Wine Month | Part 2

Stories about wine, the red thread that binds us all.

Some final thoughts on Oregon wine, as the month of May winds down.

For the past ten years, Oregon has proven the foundation of my wine writing career. (My first professional wine article featured ¡Salud! wine auction.) Over the years, my enthusiasm for Oregon remains undimmed.

Interestingly, Oregon also informs my work on Bourgogne, the birthplace of Pinot Noir. So many Bourgogne vignerons now live and work in Oregon. Writing about the two regions proves a lovely literary duet.

Additionally, contributing to the Slow Wine Guide USA 2022 as an Oregon coordinator proved an unbelievable honor. As a coordinator, I interviewed some of Oregon’s most lauded winemakers, and thoughtful vine tenders.

Note: Slow Wine Guide started as an adjunct to Italy’s Slow Food movement. Each year, the guide showcases winemakers who practice sustainable farming. This includes non-use of chemical herbicides or pesticides in their vineyards.

Most Oregon vine growers and winemakers often exceed requirements. Many farm organically, biodynamically, and/or regeneratively.

You can find more about the Slow Wine Guide 2022, and these Oregon winemakers, here.


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