GG Craft Interviews – Kate Rounds

Writer L.M. Archer interviews author Raina Lipsitz for Gotham Ghostwriters.

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GG Craft Interviews – Kate Rounds

by L.M. Archer

Welcome to my monthly series for Gotham Ghostwriters entitled “GG Craft Interviews.”

Each month, I interview a member of the Gotham Ghostwriters’ community about their forthcoming book.

This month I interview Kate Rounds about her novel, “Catboat Road,” published by Bywater Books.

According to Kate, “Early readers flatteringly pronounced Catboat Road sexy, funny, and smart. Of these, I love funny best. Our world is brutal, and if readers laugh out loud, as one blurbist did, that would make me happy.”

A veteran journalist, Rounds’ career includes stints at Ms. Magazine as Senior Editor, News Editor, and Gloria Steinem’s editor, and Executive Editor at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “Catboat Road” marks her debut as a novelist. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE.


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