GG Craft Interviews – David Tabatsky

Writer L.M. Archer interviews author David Tabatsky for the for Gotham Ghostwriters October 2022 "GG Craft Interviews" series.

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GG Craft Interviews – David Tabatsky

by L.M. Archer

Writer L.M. Archer interviews author David Tabatsky about his two new books for Gotham Ghost Writers "GG Craft Interviews" series.

Welcome to my monthly series for Gotham Ghostwriters entitled “GG Craft Interviews.”

Each month, I interview a member of the Gotham Ghostwriters’ community about their forthcoming book.

This month, I interview author David Tabatsky about his two newly published books, The Boy Behind the Door, and Filthy Rich Lawyers.

At first glance, the novels appear dissimilar. And yet, both draw from reality.

The first, The Boy Behind the Door, illuminates the incredible true story of a Jewish teenager in Amsterdam during World War II. While the boy survives, his ordeals haunt him into old age. Tabatsky gives voice to this Holocaust survivor’s tale with grace.

“The Boy Behind the Door is “important” as it adds to the current library of Holocaust stories, and in this day and age of conspiracy theories and fake news, etc., it’s more vital than ever that young people especially learn the truth about what happened during WWII,” stresses Tabatsky.

“In this down-to-earth tale of an ordinary boy who was not tortured in a concentration camp, as is the case in many Holocaust memoirs, his experience is perhaps even more relatable because it was not what we usually call extreme,” continues Tabatsky. “However, if living on the run for several years, always uncertain of your survival, and then discovering at the end of the war that you entire family has been murdered is not extreme, then I don’t know what is.”

In the second book, Filthy Rich Lawyers, Tabatsky chronicles the world of class action lawyers, based upon the real-life stories of attorney Brian Felgoise.

Ultimately, both books offer aspiring authors and ghostwriters a master class in ‘genre fluidity.’



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