The Green Heart of Italy: Umbria

The Green Heart of Italy: Umbria

My Latest in Somm TV Magazine:

“The Green Heart of Italy: Umbria”

by L.M. Archer

The Green Heart of Italy: Umbria
Image credit: Tanya Morning Star

My latest for Somm TV Magazine delves into Umbria, or ‘the green heart of Italy.’

Dubbed ‘the green heart of Italy” for its breathtaking biodiversity, the Umbria wine region stretches across rolling hills, wild forests, and pristine lakes bookended between the Apennine mountains.

The Italic peninsula’s only land-locked wine region borders Tuscany to the north, Marche to the east, and Lazio to the west. Settled by Etruscans millennia ago, a strong agricultural tradition underpins Umbria. But don’t let the ‘green acres’ vibe fool you. Under-the-radar Umbrian wines offer unexpected quality, diversity, and affordability.

“Umbria has a lot of things one might find in Tuscany, but it is wilder, less populated, more laid back, and less expensive!” says Tanya Morning Star of Cellar Muse, international wine educator, Vinitaly Italian Wine Ambassador, and Global Education Ambassador of Orvieto wines.

Broadening Appeal

Currently, Umbria boasts 13 DOC (denominazione di origine controllata) and two DOCG (denominazione di origine controllata e garantitawine regions, guarantors of wine quality. Amelia, Assisi, Colli Altotiberini,Trasimeno, Colli Martani, Colli Perugini, Lago di Corbara, Montefalco, Orvieto, Orvietano Rosso, Spoleto, Torgiano, and Todi rank as DOC’s; Montefalco Sagrantino and Torgiano Rosso Riserva as DOCG’s.

Umbria also encompasses four wine growing areas: Orvieto, Montefalco, Torgiano, and Trasimeno. Wine consortia oversee regulations, protect traditions, and spearhead marketing efforts in each region. READ MORE HERE.


More by L.M. Archer in Somm TV Magazine here.



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