GG Craft Interviews: Gregory Mone

L.M. Archer interviews Gregory Mone for Gotham Ghostwriters GG Craft Interview series.

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GG Craft Interviews: Gregory Mone

by L.M. Archer

L.M. Archer interviews Gregory Mone for Gotham Ghostwriters GG Craft Interview series.

It’s December! Time for the latest interview for my monthly Gotham Ghostwriters “GG Craft Interviews” series.

Each month, I interview a member of the Gotham Ghostwriters’ community about their new book.

Each represents a different genre from my usual niche, wine writing.

This month, things turn comical. Literally.

Here are a few highlights from my interview with author Gregory Mone about his new book I, Skeletor:

Greatest challenges?

“Voice! Skeletor has a very distinctive voice in the cartoons and the new Netflix series, which is the world in which this book is set. I really worked to get that right, and hope I hit the mark. Luckily, I worked closely with a few Masters of the Universe experts at Mattel, the brand’s owner.”

Mone’s favorite part of the book? 

“The story itself is original, but based in the world of the new Netflix series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and Skeletor re-imagines a few of the events depicted in the series – sort of rewriting history in his favor. That was fun.

I’m also very proud of the dedication and the acknowledgments. He insults his friends in the former and refuses to thank anyone in the latter.”

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