Crafting Cult Cabernet at Trothe Winery

Trothe Wines crafts Washington State Cult Cabernet on Horse Heaven Hills AVA.

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Crafting Cult Cabernet at Trothe Winery

Andrews Family Vineyards launches luxury wine brand Trothe from the Horse Heaven Hills American Viticultural Area

by L.M. Archer

Trothe Wines crafts Washington State Cult Cabernet on Horse Heaven Hills AVA.

 Cult cab from Washington State’s Horse Heaven Hills. Get use to it.

Ever discover a wine so compelling that it stops you in your tracks?

Recently, Trothe Wine’s Cabernet Sauvignon grabbed my attention. Crafted by the esteemed Andrews Family of Washington State’s Horse Heaven Hills, it also captures the attention of cult cab lovers worldwide.

Find out why in my article for Washington State Tasting Room Magazine:

“THE term ‘Cult Cabernet’ typically conjures up Napa for most consumers. But one winery in Washington State is aiming to change that. Trothe wines from Horse Heaven Hills AVA (American Viticultural Area) consistently trounces iconic Napa, Bordeaux, and Margaret River wines in blind tastings. And they’re just getting started.

Solemn Pledge

Founded in 2018, the winery’s dream team includes fourth-generation winegrower Jeff Andrews of Andrews Family Vineyards, winemaker Raymon McKee (protégé to Rhône legend Philippe Cambie), and respected vineyard manager Todd Chapman. The name ‘Trothe’ derives from an archaic term for “solemn pledge of commitment or loyalty.”

Other team members include Jeff’s father Mike Andrews (founder of Coyote Canyon Winery), brother Macauley, and wife Jani, plus a crew of loyal employees, some dating back to the 1970s.” They’re dedicated to the ground, just like we are,” says Jeff Andrews. “But also to the operation. They share the goals that we have of trying to create these wines.

Trothe also showcases Horse Heaven Hills, a thoroughbred wine region once considered a blending grape workhorse. “One of the fundamental goals of this project is showing that the Horse Heaven Hills is as good as any wine region in the world,” says the lanky, soft-spoken Andrews. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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