GG Craft Interview: Chris Smith

Written, by Chris Smith and Bec Evans.

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GG Craft Interview Series: Chris Smith

Written, with co-author Bec Evans

by L.M. Archer

In this latest GG Craft Interview, writer L.M. Archer interviews author Chris Smith about his new book "Written."


Written, a book by writers for writers

Each month, I interview a member of the Gotham Ghostwriters’ community about their latest book. I also delve into their inspiration – and creative process – along the way.

This month, I interview writer Chris Evans about his new book Written, co-authored with Bec Evans.

In Written, Smith and Evans, both writers, tackle “How to keep writing and build a habit that lasts.”

Here’s a sneak peak:

You have a new book coming out. When is it releasing and what was the impetus for writing it?

We’re proud to say that the US edition of the book and ebook are out on April 18, 2023 published by Icon.

We’ve been helping people overcome the blocks and barriers to writing with our coaching business Prolifiko for years. While our courses and programs have helped many people, we always knew that a book would enable us to help many more. However, we wanted to avoid taking the kind of linear, one-size-fits-all approach that many books take. Central to our approach is that there is not just one way to become a more productive writer – there are many. Written shows you how to find the tactics that fit with you and your life – as it is, not in some perfect imagined future.”

Any favorite chapters and/or sections? If so, which ones, and why?

Yes, for me, the introduction – because it brings back many fond memories. My co-author Bec Evans is also my wife, and in the introduction we go back ten years to find out why she (and then I) became obsessed with writing habits….READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE.

I’m pleased to share my latest interview for Gotham Ghostwriters with you.

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