Cambium Napa Valley Biodynamics Masterclass series hits the US

Cambium Napa Valley Biodynamics Masterclass Series featured organizers Rudy Marchesi of Montinore Estate, Cambium founder Adriano Zago, and Biodynamic Demeter Alliance board member Daphne Amory.

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Cambium Napa Valley Biodynamics Masterclass series hits the US

by L.M. Archer

The first US Cambium Biodynamics Masterclass series launched in Napa Valley last week (27-29 July) and has been heralded a resounding success.

Biodynamics, which draws from the teachings of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner who developed natural, holistic farming methods as a solution to post-World War I industrial chemical applications, were studied at the immersive symposium, hosted at Quintessa Estate in Rutherford. During the event, attendees focused upon topics like building soil health, broadening biodiversity, and identifying change points within systems to ensure vineyard resilience.

Rudy Marchesi, partner at Oregon’s Montinore Estate, and an early US adopter of biodynamics said: “We haven’t had anything like this in the US, and I thought it should be launched in Napa, which arguably is the heart of the American wine industry,” but suggested “I think that was borne out by the attendance, by the quality of the attendees, the high quality of the whole event, and what everybody’s taken away from it.”

Importantly, according to Marchesi, the Cambium Napa Valley has also showcased biodynamics as a feasible business model, and viable farming alternative, amidst escalating climate change.

Marchesi elaborated: “One of the things I hear about biodynamics is it’s so expensive, when I was beating out our neighbours in our cost per acre farm every year. It just is very competitive. The vines, once you get rolling, are healthier, they don’t need that much attention. We’re not spraying anything expensive – a bag of sulfur is cheap, compared to whatever stuff that they sell these days. And there’s this personal reward of transforming this kind of unhealthy farm into a really vibrant, healthy place, not only for us, but for all the people that work here that people that live around us.” READ MORE HERE.

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